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No need to engage with the likes of philosophers and scientists like Pigliucci. Also, did anyone see this fuck face try to blame her for the pedo rumors? Of course, I can predict what will happen if she ever actually tried that: YOU Not a single thing in that comment addresses my work on moral theory. This despite many many people commenting that her definition of feminism is not representative of that used by self-identifying feminists. This is at least her 3rd relationship that ended like this, all of them publicly. I said that how the conclusion follows from them is not clear when they are worded that way, and to see how it does follow, one has to review my formal argument, which has correctly worded premises and valid formal structure, and which I then cited.
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Jaclyn Glenn

He wrote on a social media somewhere. If you like Jaclyn or not some of us have sympathy because what SR did was incredibly shitty regardless if she "should've expected it". Jaclyn has been calling religious people out on their hypocrisy and intellectual laziness, while being an absolute hypocrite by being an intellectually lazy plagiarist herself. Anons tried to argue that it was not true, but it was. How do we evaluate that this is true versus all other moral systems, and what arbitrary criteria do we impose to evaluate this. Could be a glitch, could be milk.
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It's normal to be concerned if your parter just ups and goes with another person, sure…but if someone just even talks to them.. But why start here, why not rational social, societal or global interest? I could provide many other examples but you get the point. We must conform our beliefs to what we discover, not reject all discoveries that fail to conform to our beliefs. That a moral system must be a system of imperatives that supersedes all imperatives is true. I fear for your relationships if you think this is normal or healthy, anon. Satisfying Your daily eyegasm.
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It does however seems like he was acting out what he did in his past all over-again with Jaclyn as his new play toy. Some people have it to such an extreme that they will defend anything they have ever said without questioning themselves. They see anti-O and are automatically on their side cause fuck Gergles, really - then it turns out that that person was equally completely shitty. There can be imperatives that supercede other imperatives in certain cases but not others. I know her IP address must have added with those "different" posters but other than that how do they know it's her? What is this four now?
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